5 Adorable Gudetama Merchandise for You to Have

Do you think you’re the laziest creature in the world? I bet you’re wrong! Have you ever seen Gudetama, the new Sanrio character? It’s happening now. You can see that lazy egg in almost all your social media. With his unmotivated face, he likes to lie in bed all day long until prodded with a pair of sticks. The company described Gudetama as a new character likes to rocks himself to sleep in his shell, curls up in a bacon blanket, takes naps on a bed of rice, and has no motivation but to lay around. He’s also a star in Twitter, bombing with demotivational words every day. He’s the laziest and the cutest at once. That’s why many people love him. If you’re one of them, here is the merchandise you may keep in your house.

  1. Gudetama Mug


Now you can have some milk with Gudetama in your mug. This unique shape will perfectly accompany you on a lazy Sunday morning. This limited product can only be reached on Sanrio Store which also sells many products of Hello Kitty as well.

  1. Gudetama Suitcase


A giant yellow face on a suitcase. The design was made as if the unmotivated egg doesn’t want to go. He just wants to lie in bed and left alone. With that suitcase, you can act like you reluctantly drag him to travel to somewhere.

  1. Gudetama Mini Clock


Gudetama is here to wake you up in the morning. This cute little clock will beautify your room. It is so worth it to have this clock if you are a big fan of the new Sanrio character, Gudetama, because it becomes a top rated product on Sanrio store.

  1. Gudetama Hula Doll


Now, Gudetama in 3D shape! Every cartoon character seems to be turned into a doll. Look! He’s dancing, still with the sigh expression. You can grab this cute merchandise on Sanrio store only with $ 20.00.

  1. Gudetama Kitchen Sponge


Gudetama becomes a chef? What will happen? No. He’s just hiding behind a shell, seeing you and the dirty dishes. Your kitchen sponge’s not boring anymore. Gudetama is there to help you washing dishes. With $ 5.00, you will enjoy washing plenty of annoying dirty dishes in your home.


So, which merchandise will you want to collect first?


This article has ever been submitted for a job requirement. I post here as they give no more calls. Hehe.



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